Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hot and Cold

Well if you're an Oklahoman reading this, you know the craziness that is the weather in our state. It seems as though spring can't decide for sure if it wants to stay for good. Or really at this point, summer. While I was a psychology major in college, I learned about a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Basically, it's when the weather (to the extreme) determines people's mood/depression, and those affected become deeply depressed during the winter months. Or something along those lines. Anyways, like any good psychology major, I often refer to many of these disorders I learned about and convince myself I have one or more of them. This one in particular. It's crazy how on the nice days, nothing can go wrong. My children are perfect little glorious creatures, frolicking through the grass, licking popsicle off their fingers, sharing their toys. Perfection. And then the next day, we awake to frost on the lawn and me squeezing their feet into the winter shoes we have outgrown because good grief, what mom is going to buy cold weather shoes in May? And Mommy losing her mind 100 times a day because everyone is angry and bitter they can't go play outside.

It's just been craziness.

However, on these glorious warm days, I can't seem to take enough pictures of my half-dressed little sweeties enjoying the sun and warm breeze. And keep repeating to myself that this cold front is the last one of the season. It has to be, right?

Warm day fun at Menchie's helping support the March of Dimes with our favorite twin friends, Harper and Tatum. :)

Cute Campbell and Tatum (I think) holding hands.

Just can't get over the cuteness of them with their back packs and nap mats at school. 

Burke had discovered and now subsequently LOVES Teddy. His favorite place to be is propped up on the ottoman so he can try to grab him or pull his tail. Teddy of course is such a good sport about pesky kids messing with him constantly. 

Sweet kisses from big sis.

Oh how these three crack me up. The girls enjoying some nice nakey time with their triplet from another mother, Charlotte.

Charlie and Campbell are killing me in this one. Such girls! And Sophie looking like Stevie Wonder. ;)

Yet another warm day treat. Snow cones!

Oh how I adore this pic of the girls taken by my father in law.

The girls had their spring program this past month at Mother's Day Out. Don't they look thrilled? Campbell kept yawning, and Sophie got irritated because one of the kids behind her kept hitting her pony tail. These wouldn't be near as much fun to watch if my kids ever did what they were supposed to do. ;)

Me and my little stinkers.

Campbell is a golf fanatic. Anytime she sees Kyle walk out the back door with his golf club, she quickly follows behind. She could hit golf balls for hours with him! This of course makes both Kyle and I's hearts so happy. I hope all of our kids enjoy playing golf to some degree so we can do it as a family someday. 

My sweet boy enjoying some nakey time on the porch swing with me while Kyle took the girls to feed the ducks.

So the other day when we got home from the gym, Burke went down for a nap and I thought I could maybe enjoy the warm weather/my Sonic drink and book while the girls rode their tricycles on the driveway. However, within minutes, the girls demanded I get their chairs and sunglasses so they could sit next to me and be "like Mommy." Oh how I love them. 

2 1/2 going on 14

Hey Mom, you're in my sun.

And then a few days later, Burkey longing for warmer temps while in his sweater and cords.

This morning, we made an honest effort to try and make it to the March of Dimes walk to support our sweet friends, the Gaines, but the darn cold ruined that plan. I just had to get a pic of the girls in the darling shirts Megan had made, though! We had such a great time doing it last year and being part of team Double Gainers, we were bummed to miss it this year. Hoping the weather cooperates next year! 

Hopefully I'll get around to taking Burke's monthly pic soon (3 days late at this point). Until then, please join me in praying the glorious sun and warmth come back soon...and stick around.