Sunday, June 2, 2013

Burke {10 & 11 months}

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, I am amazed at the lack of free time I have these days. There for awhile, the girls and Burke shared an afternoon nap, but lately that is a rare occurrence (hence, not much time for updating this thing). Although our little late bloomer in the mobility department still sticks to only cruising around the furniture (no crawling or walking), I feel like he's right on the cusp of becoming full on mobile (AAAAH!). In the last week, we have also started attempting to potty train our other little late bloomer in the potty training department, Sophie. Actually, I wouldn't say she's a late bloomer as much as a stubborn little toot. She's making some great strides and we are hoping she will be full on potty trained pretty soon! We also recently transitioned the girls to toddler beds which has been hilarious, frustrating, and yet another great reminder that our baby girls are turning into big girls, and reminding us frequently of their strong desire for independence. Other than them goofing off and being little rebels for 30 minutes-hour when going down for a nap or bed, they now take pretty good naps and sleep all night in them without an issue. Thank goodness. The only big thing left for us to tackle with them is, you guessed it, pacifiers.

Oh, pacifiers. If I was brave enough, I would just make a bonfire in our backyard and toss them into it. But alas, after trying several times to rid our house of them and seeing the insane fits that ensue, our next approach has to be a good one. Once we get Sophie good and potty trained we will move onto that. Oy.

For now, here's a bombarding of pictures from the last month...

It's so funny to me to look at his 10 and 11 month pics together. For one, it appears his new found love of cruising all around the furniture has maybe caused him to lose a bit of chub in his face? And secondly, it's hilarious how much more expressive he has become in the last month. In the above pic, he is doing what I call his courtesy laugh. And below...

Can you say ornery face? He has this new look he gives me when I tell him "no." Like when he tries to grab the spoon when I'm feeding him or here when he kept trying to grab the chalkboard. And of course is fascinated with what this "no" word means, so he likes to keep doing it...little stinker. 

The girls joining the fun on our monthly photo shoots.

Sophie being a good little mama. I could eat her little profile I love it so much.

Typical play date on our back porch with the White and Gaines girls.

Tutu'd cuties

Smiley little man. Why is he looking so grown up?!

He has been getting so good at drinking out of the sippy cup lately. Today we started the transition from formula to whole milk. Fingers crossed he switches as easily as his sisters did!

Can you tell what Sophie's favorite game to play with Burke is these days?

My little strawberry shortcake 

Zoo trip with our favorite triplets, the Coy girls.

Last day of MDO.

When we took the front of their cribs off, Kyle thought it would be awesome to push them together and make one giant crib. Needless to say, he didn't get his wish. 

Memorial Day. Gah they're getting too big. 

Burke with one of his many girlfriends, Jessica Doty. It's so funny to watch him interact with other babies, which mostly consists of swatting at them. Kyle will have to work with him on his game. ;)

Although our summer days have felt anything but lazy lately, I'll take 'em!