Saturday, May 29, 2010

House and Babies

Happy summer! Now that I am a semi-retired teacher, I am THRILLED to be spending my summer in the sun, preparing for these sweet babies, and diving into all things house-related. I have been perusing pics of nursery and house ideas. Here's a bit of what I'm liking right now.
Kitchen backsplash is something I am very indecisive about right now. I really like these tiny rugged stones for a backsplash.

Kyle and I are loving the butcher block islands. Especially the wood that is a tad darker. Our island isn't going to be huge like my sister's awesome kitchen island, so I think the butcher block will look great.

There is a lot of love about this kitchen. I LOVE the cabinets here, which are similar to what we will have. But I also love the ceramic tile backsplash. I wonder if it would be too much cream/white if we did a light granite on the countertops? I also wonder if I could talk Kyle into buying me fresh sunflowers every week. :)

The great debate right now for us is our front porch columns. We are going to have a pretty big front porch (yeah!) with 3 colomns. We can't decide to do the cedar columns or all rock. I love this slightly tapered look with the rock and the tiny bit of cedar at the top. I also love the dark wood front door. I have no idea if this is even a possibility (or too pricey like most of the stuff I pick out!), but I love the look.

I am in love with the elephant decals from PB Kids. I'm actually in love with anything that is a mommy something with her two babies. :) I also adore this elegant nursery pic. It's a little too frou-frou, but the rod-iron cribs are darling, and I LOVE the neutral striped curtains in the background. I would love to find an affordable fabric to make curtains from like these. I'm thinking regardless of gender, I want a fairly neutral nursery with white accents. I also love the look of the white decal mongrams above the cribs with initials.
Now all I have to do is wait for June 25th to get here, so I can find out what these sweet babies are! :)

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  1. LOVE EVERYTHING...i would never be able to decide anyting!