Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three Years: We made it!

Well, after not having a functioning computer for what seems like a year, we now have a new one-wooohoooo! While I have to say it was somewhat of a relief to not have one (I got a lot of house work done, projects completed, etc.), I'm thrilled to have one again. And boy is it fast! (just picture an old woman who is being introduced to technology for the first time saying this) I had started on this post right before our anniversary and had planned on posting it on our anniversary (June 7th for anyone who wants to put it in your calendar so you can send us a gift next year) :). Although it's a little belated, I wanted to share my old lady wisdom after an astounding 3 years of marriage. Or rather, just a good reflection of where we've been and where we're going. One thing I really try to do with not just my husband, but babies, friends, family, etc. is to always be mindful of the little reasons why I love them. I also want to be mindful of all the little reasons that make marriage wonderful and insanely challenging at the same time. One thing I feel like we were maybe "warned" of before babies is that it will put your marriage to the test. In case you were wondering, that is a very true statement. Kyle and I have had to make quite an extraordinary effort to make sure we not only maintain, but continue to have a marriage that thrives and grows while trying our best to meet the needs of 2 very demanding 8 month olds. I suppose it's in light of this that I thought I would sit down and make a list of my observations over the last 3 years.

1. Being married is hard in ways I never expected.
2. Being married is glorious in ways I never expected.
3. We realized after babies why people say "marriage is work."
4. Sometimes we are too tired to talk, and that's long as it doesn't happen everyday.
5. Two babies at once makes things interesting.
6. If it's not getting better, it's getting worse.
7. It's been incredible to see how much we have both grown and changed for the better over the last 3 years.
8. I'm glad I'm married to someone who puts his dirty socks in the clothes hamper (towels are a different story, but see how I'm looking at the positive?)
9. I'm also glad I married someone who pretends to think saggy skin and stretch marks are beautiful.
10. I realized about 8 months ago that I married a man who is also the greatest father in the world.
11. We both still make a lot of mistakes, but we have yet to make one that we haven't grown or learned from.
12. Men's emotional maturity happens at a much slower pace than women's (I'm just saying).
13. Twins cost a lot of money. I still like to online shop. And these two combined can sometimes make me see why finances are the number one cause of divorce. :)
14. Neither of us are perfect; but together, we are perfect for the 2 most amazing little girls I've ever met.

Several months before we got married, the pastor that married us told us that marriage should be a battle of who can serve the other the best. In other words, we should constantly be trying to "outdo" the other in going above and beyond to meet the other's needs. It sounded pretty good when he told us, but after three years, I can tell you it's the absolute truth. I wish I could say we do that all the time (we don't), but the times that we do, our marriage thrives.

I continue to be thankful for the amazing friends in my life that are honest, real, and encouraging when it comes to navigating this whole marriage/baby thing. I hope I am the same for them.

Cheers to us! :)


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  1. You are an amazing, Godly woman...and writter! I'm honored to call you a friend! p.s. Your most recent blog is extremely encouraging!! Thank you! I love you and those beautiful babies! I CAN'T believe they will be 1 year old in October! PAR-TAY for S&C! ; )