Monday, April 8, 2013

Burke {9} Months

After taking Burke's 9 month pictures (gasp!) this month, it immediately dawned on me that it was this exact month with the girls that the chalkboard became a toy versus a prop. Burke could not keep his hands off of it! Luckily, he's so cute that I didn't mind much. 

Look what I did! :)

I wish I could say that he pulled up here all by himself. But alas, he still prefers we move him instead of moving himself. ;)

The girls still need to be a part of our monthly photo shoot. I don't think Burke minds.

Our little Burkey just continues to light up our world. His contagious smile, endless amounts of chubbiness, and squeals make me wonder how we ever lived without him. He is officially saying "dada" alllllll the time, and trying hard to mimic a few other consonant sounds. He would rather be standing holding onto something (as seen above) than any other position. We have been working lots on crawling, but he still has no desire to. He actually will flop out onto his stomach within moments of us putting him on all fours. Little stinker. The girls were also both clapping at this age. We clap and sing songs all the time, but instead of clapping his hands, if you stick your hand out in front of him, he'll clap your hand. Again, could he be any lazier?! 
He also rang in his 9 month birthday with his first little tooth! He's been drooling tons, but that has literally been the only symptom of teething we've seen. I was shocked when I looked down the other day and saw it poking through! He's been happy happy as usual. His sisters didn't get a tooth until a few weeks after their first birthday, so I was extra shocked to see it this quick. 
We had a brief and thankfully very mild bout of pneumonia last week, and antibiotics cleared it up within a few days. This poor little guy has been hit with just about everything this winter. We are definitely ready for warmer temps and no more sickness. 
He is getting so good at feeding himself. He still does the best with crackers and dry food type stuff. But lately has been eating shredded cheese, turkey, and even managed to pick up a few diced up bananas and blueberries recently. 

He's continuing to be a great sleeper, in spite of some congestion/cough and teething. We couldn't ask for a happier, more easy going kid. Burkey boo bear, we love you to pieces!

Can you all believe it's April? It makes me giddy to think about beautiful spring days and bare feet. 



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