Thursday, April 24, 2014


I'm not one to brag, but good grief I don't know how we got so lucky to call all these precious pumpkins our own. I was so pleased with their spring pics at Mother's Day Out this year, I thought I'd share them along with a few of what the Nevels kiddos are loving these days...

Sophie Kay // Age 3 1/2


- singing songs from the Frozen soundtrack/reenacting scenes from the movie with her sister
- babies, baby dolls, following around strangers at the park who are holding babies (if she knew my uterus was capable of holding another one, she would beg me everyday to have one)
- talking about her "Halloween birthday party" she wants to have in 6 months 
- snuggling, preferably with a "cozy" blanket
- swimming and anything sweet (she has a crazy sweet tooth that rivals her daddy's)

Campbell Jane // Age 3 1/2


- also singing songs from the Frozen soundtrack/reenacting scenes from the movie with her sister. 
- one on one time with me or Kyle. While I know she loves her siblings, this girl would be perfectly happy being an only child and getting every ounce of all of our affection without having to share.
- Coloring/drawing. This girl is my little artist. She amazes us daily with what she's able to draw, new letters she's taught herself to write, and attempts at replicating things she sees. 
- wearing a dress on a near daily basis, and specifically dresses that flare out a lot when she twirls (which she calls her "favorite dresses")
- puzzles, swimming

Burke Allen // Age 21 months


- talking non stop and telling me what eeeevvvverything is (especially in the car) 
- pushing trucks all over the house
- the sounds of choo choo's, motorcycles, and airplanes (which he can hear ALL within a 10 mile radius)
- shooting balls in his little basketball hoop 
- hitting balls off of his tee with the bat and/or golf club
- whacking everything in our house (sisters included) with his plastic golf clubs 
- saying "mommy" approximately 435,687 a day
- suckers and pancakes
- the pool or any body of water
- dancing to the song "Happy" 

I am daily in amazement at how big my kids are getting. Between Burke talking up a storm and watching the girls' crazy imaginations in action every day, I've been reminded so much lately how fast they grow. Which as all moms know is truly both bitter and sweet. 

The sweet part being that on Easter we captured a rare family picture where everyone was smiling AND looking at the camera. What?!

We could practically grace the cover of Parenting magazine, am I right?

Looking forward to watching these little flowers continue to bloom in this gorgeous spring weather!


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  1. Love this! I may steal it for my blog post. :)

    Also, I was trying to rock Collins to sleep and had already put Ellis to bed in the next room. She started calling my name and I started counting since I couldn't yell back without waking the baby. She called my name 72 times. SEVENTY TWO TIMES!