Saturday, March 13, 2010

While we are patiently waiting for our lovely, little house to sell, I keep myself encouraged by visualizing rooms in our future, newly-built home. These are a few things I'm pining for. I love this riad print fabric for curtains or pillows, as well as this lovely linen bedding. Love the simple chic-ness of it. I think I underestimate the power of white (probably because I envision Teddy's dirty paws jumping onto white things). My goal for my new home will be "less is more."

El Paso Imports is such an amazing furniture place. While I want MANY items in this place, I love this beautiful armoir. Preferably for our bedroom.

Absolutely in love with these little drum chandelier shades. I am currently trying to convince my sister to put these on her beautiful kitchen chandeliers. Which I, of course, will later copy for my own home. :)

I am really starting to love all of these fun, modern fabric prints. I found a new website that I am hoping will be my inspiration for decorating my new home.

I am loving anything in this quatrefoil pattern, lately. My sister just recently painted a lovely canvas that looks a lot like the mirror (linked above).

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