Thursday, April 21, 2011

Twins in Action

This is about the extent of their interaction right now. We cannot keep Sophie on her back. She is our little rolly polly (on a side note, even though she is perfectly capable, she refuses to roll back onto her back. When she is sick of her tummy, she just cries until we roll her back. Any suggestions on how to fix this?) Every once in awhile they'll catch each other's eye and give each other a big grin. Can't wait to see how their relationship develops!
I should also note that this was completely unstaged. Sophie actually did roll over onto CJ like this!

And my personal favorite. Sophie girl L-O-V-E-S bathtime. Well, we think she does at least. She rarely smiles in the bath, but kicks her legs like crazy when she's in there, and cries the second we take her out. I think she just gets so focused on kicking that she forgets to show us how much she likes it? Campbell enjoys the bath, too. But man does Sophie know how to get those legs going. This isn't even the full extent of it! We had to move the bath from the kitchen sink to the bathtub because she would make such a huge mess. I think we're about to get the little seats that they can sit in during the bath since they are getting so good at holding their heads up. Oh what fun that will be to see them splash around together!

And a video is soon to come of miss Campbell Jane and her new found noises she makes. Hilarious!

Tomorrow my girls turn 6 months old, so hopefully amidst the Easter madness I can find some time to give the monthly update! :)

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