Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's fall ya'll

Yay for pumpkins! I wish it was appropriate to keep pumpkins up as permanent decor because my oh my how I love them. We finally (and I say finally because I feel like the last person I know to purchase pumpkins this season) got around to getting some beauties for our front porch...and maybe went a tad overboard. While I have always enjoyed fall/Halloween in general, I guess I got a little carried away this year since we are showing the girls the ropes of celebrating holidays. I suppose I also feel the need to make an extra big deal out of Halloween since the girls' birthday is just 8 days before. Oh, and we have a big gaping space on one side of our porch, so what better to fill it with than hay bails and pumpkins?We still plan on making a few trips to the pumpkin patch, so consider these photos a warm up for the millions few others I plan to take of the girls + pumpkins.

The nice man at Under the Sun gave us our own wittle punkins!


Soph (and the top of CJ's head)

We love fall!

Daddy says Mommy got a little carried away, but we disagree!

Watching Dad weed the garden

Happy fall!

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, we have yet to purchase a pumpkin :( We did however make it to the pumpkin patch today!! Guess we need to go shopping tomorrow for pumpkins!!!