Friday, March 1, 2013

Backpack, Backpack

In case you were wondering, I can turn just about any topic into a jingle from Dora (see title) or most any other popular kids' cartoon series these days.

In this case, it would be my recent decision to convert from a diaper bag to a, you guessed it, back pack.

I've seen (via my cooler, hipper, younger sisters and various other cool people blogs) the back pack trend growing. I really do like my current one...

...which I snagged at the Kate Spade outlet in Vegas last year, but I really wish it had more pockets (only 2). And any mom knows that there is no such thing as too many pockets (sippy cups, pacis, bottles, sunglasses, cell phone, keys, flask of liquor). So, off I went in search of a cute, non-nerdy looking back pack. Here were my contestants:

(via Target) I really love this one (all those pockets!), but it's sold out online and in stores.

Herschel (via Nordstrom's, Zappos,  or Urban Outfitters). Also comes in lots of other super cute colors.

This is a Herschel kids' one that I thought was darling. Maybe for the girls' first real big kid back pack?

And this Mossimo Target one was the winner! They only carry it online, but for a darling print, lots of pockets, and a $29 price tag, it can't be beat! 

I also decided to not splurge on the price since I don't know if it will end up working as great as I'm hoping it will. If it turns out it doesn't hold everything as well as my current Mary Poppins bag, or I decide it's annoying to carry a back pack all the time, I'll just wear it into a coffee shop, read a really hip book, and pretend I'm a cool college kid...with a baby in tow. 

Who is also humming the Dora theme song.

Happy weekend!


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