Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Burke {8} Months

Well, another month has literally disappeared before our very eyes. On March 1st, our little man turned eight months (!!). I'm pretty sure this is when this first-time, overly excited mom started planning her twins' first birthday (don't worry, I won't make the mistake of having an over-the-top celebration for this guy). How are we close to having to start to maybe think about his first birthday??!! Ugh. Let's not talk about it anymore. Instead, how about we focus on this handsome little devil's eight months of cuteness?


Our little Burkey bear has brought us more joy and happiness than I ever could have imagined. It's impossible to have a bad day when I look at this precious smile. He has been babbling TONS lately. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that he lives and spends the majority of every day with 3 ladies. In the last week or so, we'll catch a "dada" here and there. And oddly enough, it's usually when Kyle is holding him. :) He is still the most easy going, happiest little kid around, in addition to continuing to be the laziest little chunk you've ever seen. He loves his jumperoo, sitting and playing, playing "catch" (me/the girls/Kyle throwing a soft ball at him), watching his sisters act crazy, talking to his sisters, and...that's about it. We have seen him rolling a bit more recently, but not much interest in being more mobile than that. As an experienced mom, I am A.O.K. with this. I know all too well what is to come once he starts crawling/pulling up/getting into everything! 
He still loves baby food, but would prefer feeding himself finger foods over anything else. He loves puffs, gerber cheetos, mum mums, and ritz crackers. He tries his hardest to pick up cut up peaches, bananas, and blueberries, but it's still tough for him to grab anything slippery. He has also started slurping water out of a sippy cup (while I hold it). Oh how I will celebrate the day we are done with bottles and onto milk out of a sippy!
Bathtime is also still up there on his list of favorites. His baths usually end up being around 20 minutes. He can't get enough! I can't wait to see him in the pool this summer. Here's a few more pics of what we've been up to (other than desperately waiting for the spring weather to stay here for good)!

Fun with prunes (in a white sleeper. Good idea, Mom).

Campbell prepping for the snow.

Campbell looking like she's 8.

Is there anything cuter than a little kid with a big back pack? Yes, two kids with two big back packs. Melt me.

Again, looking entirely too old.

Crazy hair day for the Suessabration at school. 

Sophie and Burke have the most hilarious/sweetest relationship. I'm fairly certain Burke thinks she is a stand-up comedian as much as she cracks him up!

Giving little bro a bath time 'hawk

Sophie thinks she's just about the cutest thing on the planet.

And I happen to agree. ;)


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  1. Your kiddo's are absolutely precious!! I can't believe that S&C are getting so big. Where does the time go? p.s. I love their backpacks!