Saturday, July 27, 2013

Burke's First Birthday

Now that Burke is almost 13 months old, I thought I'd share a few pics of his first birthday. It's pretty wild that this was our second and (planned as far as we can tell) last first birthday to celebrate with our kiddos. I know all moms say it, but man it went by too fast. Each day that passes reminds me more and more that my little Burkey boy is not a baby anymore. Crawling, cruising, ornery grins and belly laughs at his sister's crazy antics all make him look a little too grown up for me.
On a happier note, he is doing tons of funny things now and still holds his position as the easiest and happiest baby I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He sleeps 13 hours straight at night, goes with the flow all day while we run around town and take his sisters for summer adventures, and eats like a champ. I remember after the shock set in that I was pregnant and had 13 month old twins, I desperately hoped and prayed that this little guy/girl in my tummy would be the easiest baby that ever lived. I can now whole heartedly say that God granted me that request...and then some. On July 1st, 2012, the most beautiful little man I had ever seen (which might sound a little arrogant since, well, he looks pretty much exactly like me) came into our lives and changed them forever. Burke, you have captured all of our hearts, and I can't imagine our family without you!

Burke and his other twin besides me, his Bubba

Mommy and Burke

Daddy and Burke (wonder what he's looking at?)

Campbell taking a quick break from swimming.

Burke loves his big cousin, Canon!

Me and my girlies

Burke and Aunt Sammy!

Little daredevils about to jump in

Papa and Sophie ;)

Nana and the birthday boy

My parents put up the decorations a few days early for their annual Fourth of July party, so they doubled as Burke's birthday decor. Score!

Sophie is really into giving "big kisses" these days. Of course Daddy always gets the biggest ones.

Papa and B having fun

Crew bear, Derek, Daddy and Campbell having fun

The Ball girls

Big boy

Opening gifts

My little truck/train/tractor/car loving tomboy, Sophie decided she would test out Burke's gift from Nana and Papa. 

Uncle Derek and B

The cake, before.

Campbell and Crew taking a few test swipes

Clearly the party was starting to wear out these three

Aunt Sara and Burke share a birthday. So naturally, I decided they needed matching shirts.

True to form, Burke kindly let his sisters take a few bites of his cake. Although he maybe looks a little irritated here?

Don't mind Campbell's hand here...

At least they were helpful...

Smooches from Nana (and starting to get a little cranky from all the fun).

Clearly, he enjoyed the cake. Our looks aren't the only thing he and I have in common!



  1. So sweet and sweeter family. I am confused though what Burke is wearing... Is it some sort of speedo contraction?

    1. Haha it's a reusable swim diaper. But close to a speedo. Burke has many ladies in his life he needs to impress...Charlie included.

  2. Well he impressed Charlie and Chloe with those rubberband thighs.