Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mom Uniform Upgrade

So on days when I'm not sporting my usual yoga pants and Gap v-neck workout tee (what I wear maybe 3 out of the7 days a week), I still always look for comfy things to wear since my daily duties involve picking up a 14 month old and/or two two year olds (sometimes all at the same time) and scraping their crusty food and snot off whatever shirt I happen to be wearing.

In colder months, my go-to "cute" outfit usually involves leggings. I mean, God love the person who made these a stylish trend several years ago. And please don't crush my dreams by telling me they are no longer "in style" if they're not. This was just like the hugest favor to all of us moms still sporting our "mummy tummy" and hate the way jeans dig into our muffin top.

So with my love of leggings comes a close second love of all types of tops that involve the word "t-shirt" (read: comfortable and non-dry cleaning) and "swing" (read: loose fitting in the tummy). I mean these two combined basically equate to a cute, acceptable-to-wear-during-the-day nightgown. Add a cute scarf and boots, and everyone you see basically thinks you're an editor for Vogue (or at least I pretend they do).

Along with good, easy recipes, I absolutely love when other bloggers share great clothing finds. I recently stumbled upon what I hope will be a great mom uniform addition (they should arrive early next week).

Both are from ASOS. I've heard of the website but never have bought anything from there. Another huge selling point for me is that both of these are under $40! I think these will be perfect for adding a cute necklace or scarf/jacket to. And good gosh, do they not look dreamily comfy?

Hurry up, fall!


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