Sunday, August 18, 2013

Movie Day

Today I took the girls to their first movie in a movie theatre. And, it was a success (if you count lasting a whole hour before getting a little to wiggly a success)!

It was one of the sweetest days we've had in awhile. I rarely get the chance to have one on two time with my girls, so I was really looking forward to some time with just them. After today, I will definitely be making it happen more often (and Kyle decided next time he gets to join the fun). The girls were so excited to be going somewhere with just mommy. After getting our overpriced treats from the concession, we all made our way into the theatre and upon picking our seats, the girls decided they needed to share a seat {melt my mommy heart}

The girls got really into the movie (Planes). I knew they would both love it since they have a special love for all things "Yightning M-Tween" (Lightning McQueen). They called the main character plane by this name throughout the movie, and even cheered and clapped during the race scene (ha!). They took turns sitting on my lap, feeding me skittles, holding my hand, telling me they "wuved this sooooo much!" and Sophie loved being in the movie theatre so much that she kept leaning over to give me kisses and giggle.

Not that I don't enjoy nights out with Kyle, but this had to be one of my most favorite dates I've ever been on. ;)

(dark, bad quality iphone picture-sorry)

And what trip to the mall is complete without a ride on the germy cars?

Thank you sweet girls for such a fun day. You never cease to remind me how lucky I am to be your mama. 


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