Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

In the spirit of embracing mothering small children, crappy moments and all, I thought I'd share some really funny things our little people have been doing. One of my very favorite bloggers has written a few posts talking about the funny things two and three year olds say, and they crack me up! I love hearing the same from my friends' kids. Let's face it, most toddlers really are pretty hysterical when they aren't being little toots.

I recently finally bought this book I saw forever ago on Pinterest.

I think I saw somewhere recently you can find them at Target now? If not, I got mine from HERE.

Anyways, it's been so great to record some of the funny things the girls say now. I keep it in our junk drawer in the kitchen, so it's handy for me to write something down when I think of it.

*When something is too big or too small, the girls will both say, "It's too fit." Like if they put on a shoe they have outgrown, or one of my shoes. :)

*Sophie calls Popcorn "hot corn"

*True to their night and day personalities, the girls each call me a different name (and yes, they sometimes also call me "Stephanie" when they can't get my attention. Divas.) But for everyday use, Sophie calls me "Mama" and Campbell calls me "Mommy."

*Anytime Sophie is trying to talk about something we did in the past, she always refers to it as "last year." Like if we went to Canon and Crew's yesterday, she'll say, "Mommy, I think I left my train at Canon and Crew's last year." (although I guess this is probably a true statement, also? ;)

*Convo between me and Campbell the other day:

CJ: Mommy, I'm a sad princess. (while dressed up in tutu, high heels, princess crown)
Me: Why are you a sad princess?
CJ: I want my prince back.
Me: Well who's your prince?
CJ: Daddy

Insert my heart bursting from too much sweetness.

*Sophie says "Actually" and "Well" ALL the time when she's trying to "explain" something to you. I know this doesn't seem like it would be that funny/cute, but it cracks me up that she is trying to sound so grown up.

*The other day I took all three of them to the donut shop and in the middle of eating her donut, Campbell exclaimed, "Donuts make my tummy feel delicious!" Well said, my dear.

*Whenever they accidentally drop (or intentionally throw) their baby dolls, they will immediately rush over to them and pick them up while shouting "Oh baby honey!!!!"

*I've always wondered what the girls dream about (Princesses? Shoes?). The other night, I heard Campbell wake up crying and when I went in their room, all she would say for a few minutes was "I want another cupcake, I want another cupcake..."while  half awake. To add to the hilarity, Sophie heard her, woke up and started telling me how she wanted a cupcake, too!

Don't worry, I didn't fulfill this particular demand at 2 am, but I had a hard time going back to sleep because I couldn't stop laughing at the fact this just happened.

Every now and then I'll catch them saying something to the other one, mimicking my voice and what I say. They LOVE to "put each other down for naps" and I'll catch one of them tucking the other one's hair behind her ear or rubbing her back as she's "putting her to sleep." Sweet little mamas.

As for the Burkester, he is obsessed with opening and shutting cabinet doors, big doors, whatever door he can get his hands on. He loves taking all the food out of Teddy's dog bowl and putting it in his water  bowl (what is it with kids and dog food?) I know Teddy especially finds this amusing. He also loves, and I'm not sure how to phrase this, putting small objects into a container of some sort. Think throwing crayons and balls into the bath tub, into the baby gate blocking off the fire place, etc. This boy also has a serious love for both hoarding acquiring and throwing balls. Quintessential boy.  He babbles nonsense all day with the occasional "mama" and "dada" mixed in. Sometimes I swear he tries to repeat other things I say throughout the day, but he mostly just sounds like a little Vietnamese lady waddling all over the house. The girls live for making him laugh, and they love to repeat the babbles he says back to him. Sophie has also recently started calling him "Booooobeeee." We call him a lot of nicknames, but I'm fairly certain she came up with this one on her own. Yikes. Sorry, bud.

Here's a few of the examples of the things my crazy little humans have been doing...

Sad Princess

What my house sounds like every morning...

Sweet Burkey laughing for no reason :)


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