Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Day With Thomas

 Today was a much anticipated day in the Nevels home. Today we met the life-size Thomas the train. And if that wasn't enough, we also got to ride him. For those of you who know my Sophie girl, this was like the equivalent of you or me meeting Ryan Gosling. She was swooning and smiling like there was no tomorrow and may have even been a little weak in the knees at one point. As for Campbell, she likes Thomas solely because Sophie's obsession has rubbed off on her. She would have been much happier spending her day with princesses, but she had fun nonetheless! I really can't remember how or when this obsession started for Soph, but I'm pretty sure it started with playing with our boy cousins' trains. I DVR'd a few shows off PBS for her, and she's pretty much been smitten ever since. She is no doubt my little tom boy-fiery, tough as nails, goofy, rough, stubborn, and into a lot of things most little girls are not. She still likes princesses, ballet class and a few other girly things, but she's happiest when playing with her trains and trucks. Each day that passes makes me more eager to see what kind of girl she will grow up to be. ;)

**Apologies for the tiny iPhone pics. If anyone knows how to make these bigger without being fuzzy please let me know!**

Our first run-in with the T man.

CJ being a good sport. 

Playing at the train table.

Since it was at the Oklahoma Railway Museum, there were tons of old train cars everywhere. It truly was heaven on earth for this girl, as evidenced by the face here.

Campbell's high point of the day was getting a princess wand balloon made for her by a creepy clown. Sophie opted for a puppy.

Sophie's face while watching said clown.

What venture is complete without fake tats?

CJ and Daddy 

There was this fun little old train car you could go into that had tons of miniature antique trains running around tracks. There was even a train running around the top of the train car. Sophie could have stayed in there all day. 

And of course there was a Thomas!

Enjoying the pretty day on another train car.

Sheer joy.

After waiting in line to take a posed picture with the big guy himself, Sophie took off and tried to give him a hug goodbye. The lady taking pictures yelled it was against regulation to touch him right as she was about to reach him. It was a little bit embarrassing, but more hysterical. She's for sure gonna be that girl at her first boy band concert that storms the stage and has to be escorted off by security.

Family pic before boarding the train. Yes, we all wore blue for Thomas because we're cool like that. And Kyle would kill me if I told you it was his idea (oops). ;)

Sophie checking out all of the Thomas trains while riding the train. No lie she knows approximately 80% of their names by heart from the gazillion Thomas books/shows we've seen. OB.SESSED.

Fast asleep before we reached home. Train in hand. Oh how I adore this train-loving little red head.

It was a fun morning for all 4 of us (Burke stayed behind with his Aunt Sammy). It's so fun that the girls are finally at an age where they get really, super excited about things. I can only imagine how much we are going to be hearing about this major life event over the next few weeks... ;) 


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