Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

 What a difference a year makes!



The swing is definitely getting smaller. 

Like the previous Valentine's Days since we've had kids, we kept it pretty low key around here on the day of love. The non-frigid temps we've had the past several days were enough of a gift, so Kyle and I grilled some steaks and hung out by the fire outside with a glass of wine, while the kids enjoyed a heart-shaped pizza. 

Kyle hit a home run with the flowers this year 
after I dropped several hundred hints as to where I wanted flowers from. 

And a rose for each of his little ladies (they gushed about them all day).

I figure I have about 4-5 more Valentine's Days where I can get away with this pose. Irresistible.

Just call him Burkey Pablo. 

This is why I have so few pictures of him lately. He.never.stops.

Festive pizza and sparkling cider for the little ladies 
(that was spilled all over the table after one "cheers")

It felt great to be out on the ole swing set again. 

Like I say every February in Oklahoma, hurry up spring


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