Saturday, February 27, 2010

A good week

I'm beginning to think that a new name for my blog should be the Saturday morning blogger. It seems to be the only time in my crazy week that I can sit down and ponder. And this Saturday seems to be especially chill since my DH (I promised I would never use the acronyms I see on way too many infertility message boards, but I find this one cute-It's Dear Husband btw) is out of town on a wonderfully manly fishing trip with some of his Louisiana brokers. While he is staying in a manly oasis lodge in between the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico, I sit here sipping my coffee looking forward to a lovely, eventless day.
So why was this a good week? I would have to say the highlight of it was that I lost 3.6 lbs this week! As much as I would love to say that I woke up this morning to my new, lighter self, this is not the case. I have been watching and calorie-counting every morsel of food/drink to go into my mouth, and thank GOD it paid off. It's entirely too much work to not see any results. More exciting than the 3.6 lbs is that my pants fit SO much better than they did a week ago, which is worth every fun size Snickers bar and Sonic cheeseburger I passed up in the last 7 days. Although I initially ridiculed, degraded, and loathed Kyle for starting his calorie counting several weeks ago (aren't I the perfect picture of a supportive wife?), I've jumped on the bandwagon-living up to the lessons I teach my 6th graders (he/she is only making fun of you because they are jealous). And I was extremely jealous of the 10 lbs he seemed to melt away effortlessly.

So even though I will continue to soldier through each day, diligently watching/restricting what I eat, this process will unavoidably be interrupted once I see that pink plus sign. :) Since I'm on a higher dosage of femara this month, which I'm pretty sure is enough hormones to create quadruplets, Kyle and I feel very hopeful that this is "the month." If not for a baby, at least for an ovulation (which at this point, might be equally exciting).
The amazing thing to me throughout this process is that somehow each month, I am as hopeful as the month before. You would think that each passing month would chip away at the hope, but oddly enough, it's just the opposite. It really is as if my mind is erased of any defeat I felt the month before. It truly is another one of the unexplainable things I have discovered throughout this process. My prayer, and what I would ask you to pray for, is that it persists. And that I would continue to look for the joy we find in hope for as many cycles as it takes for us to create the miracle we so desperately want. ;)

A few things that have kept me hopeful and happy this week:

1. So great, and so timely! Although I hope I'm not 90 before I'm with child?

2. Kyle's sweet "surprise" note he left me to come home to Friday after he left. And also waking up to his attempt to video chat with me this morning from Louisiana because he hated waking up without me (I know, insert gagging noises here). But gosh he's so great.

3. My darling nephew, Canon who makes me smile and fills my heart with joy. Don't know what I'd do without him. And for that matter, looking at all of my friends' darling babies and belly bumps. It gives me so much to look forward to.

Warm weekend wishes to all!

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