Monday, January 10, 2011

S & C Updates

Well, I would love to be posting some cute pictures of my little darlings. However, since my camera cord is MIA, it looks like I won't be doing much of anything with posting/printing pictures until it's found. UGH. The realities of living in a house that isn't yours and things mysteriously disappearing! And while we're on the topic, does anyone know if you can purchase a cord separately for the camera (mine is a Sony)?

So in lieu of pictures, I thought I could just give a little update on what my girls are up to these days as they approach the 3 month birthday...


AKA: Sophie Kay, Sophaloshia, Sophaloaf, Chunky Munk (more on this), little munchkin

-smiles constantly! You can say or do just about anything to this girl, and it will ignite a smile. It's the sweetest most wonderful thing in the world.
-Loves being read to. She stares so intently at the pages as I read to the girls and is totally mesmerized.
-Rarely cries. Yes, it's true. Initially I thought she was going to be our little high maintenence one, but she is the most content little baby ever. The only time she cries is when she is hungry.
-And speaking of hungry, she eats like a HORSE. I could give her a bottle at any time of the day and she would take it. She is my child, after all.
-I still think she resembles Kyle, but more people are saying they are starting to see me in her. Her cheeks get chubbier by the day, perhaps this is why she looks more like me. She still has Kyle's little dimple chin which I love to pieces.
-"little sister" has turned into our chunky monkey! Initially weighing in at 4 lbs. 12 oz, Miss Soph as now surpassed Campbell in weight by TEN ounces! She weighed in right at 10 lbs. at our 2 month appointment. Chug, chug, chug!
-Crazy arms. Whenever she gets excited, she waves both arms around like she is swatting at flies (or riding a bull). It's hilarious and Kyle and I have gotten caught in her line of fire more than once-ouch!
-She might be a tad bit more of a daddy's girl than sister. She lights up when she hears Kyle's voice. Once again, melts my heart.


AKA: Campbell Jane, "Camel" (according to big cousin, Canon), Camblaka, big sister

(please note: Kyle has given both girls "Thunder" nicknames)

-Smiles quite a bit, but not as much as the ham, Sophie. The best way to get a smile out of her? Every night when I start reading to them, she gives me the biggest grin!
-LOVES to be rocked in our swivel rocker. Which is good, because Mom LOVES to rock her. :)
-Prefers to be held over my shoulder so she can tilt her head waaay back and look at anything on the ceiling (lights, fans, etc.).
-She is my little curious one, always looking around checking everything out.
-This girl can KICK. Whenever she starts to get upset, she starts kicking her legs like crazy. She has managed to pull down the neckline of almost every pair of pajamas because she gets her feet caught up in them and yanks them down.
-A pretty good eater (although not as good as sister!). She weighed in at 9 lbs. 5 oz. at our 2 month appointment.
-My family agrees that she has SO many characteristics of her cousins, Canon and Crew. She definitely is a "Ball."

In addition to now smiling, both girls have started to make babbles and coos. It's so much fun to hear the beginnings of them talking! Although we are quite aways away from any audible words, we are starting to see the little people in them emerging.

Both girls have graduated onto size 1 diapers. And would you believe that we have yet to buy a single diaper for these girls?! We continue to be amazed at the generosity of our friends and family. It appears as though we won't have to buy diapers for at least another month or so. Amazing!

They are both still in 0-3 month clothing and have definitely outgrown all of their newborn. I think we might be a few weeks away from perhaps starting to wear some 3-6 month stuff.

Even though the girls are just minutes apart, they truly do exhibit qualities of first and second born to me. Campbell is our quiet, reserved, observant one. Sophie is our social, smiley, outgoing one. Of course, they both exhibit all of these qualities at different times, but it has been so much fun to see their little personalities emerge and see just how different they both are. I love the fact that they are each so unique, and will most likely never look that much alike.

We are nearing the three month mark, and I am astonished at how fast it's gone by! In the last few weeks, it has started to feel like the "veil" of sleep deprivity has lifted. Since the girls are now going 4-5 hours in between feedings at night, it has made for a much more rested mom and dad.

Things we are looking forward to in the upcoming months:
-being able to hold their heads up on their own
-sitting up
-rolling over
-perhaps being able to play a little with the tons of little toys and rattles they have
-laughing (oh how fun this will be!)
-more babbling

We continue to fall more and more in love with them each day. They are such little joys!