Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Four Months

I sit here in shock as I type this that my girls are already four months old. In some ways it has felt like 4 years, in other ways, 4 days. Mostly I'm just amazed at how quickly the days fly by. But boy oh boy are these girls growing by leaps and bounds! It seems like they are doing/discovering something new everyday, and it is so much fun. A few things we are loving about our girls each day (other than the fact that they are the cutest and sweetest little munchkins around):
1. Smiling, smiling, and MORE smiling! I probably have more pictures of Campbell (or CJ as we like to call her a lot) smiling because she seems to enjoy posing for the camera more than sister, but goodness how these girls love to grin.
2. The beginnings of laughing! Their Aunt Sara, Sam, and Daddy seem to ignite more giggles out of them than Mommy (go figure!), but we are starting to hear little noises that sound like laughing. I can only imagine the silly things we will all continue to do to ignite the sweetest sounds in the world.
3. Starting to grab at things and use their hands. It's been so much fun to see them slowly start to realize what their chubby little fingers are for. They have started to grab at rings on their playmat, burp cloths, blankets, bottles, hair, and Sophie is so proud of the fact that she can pull out and hold her pacifier in her hand. Tonight when Kyle got home, she pulled out her paci so she could give him a big grin! It was yet another one of those heart melting moments. She has even, a few times, yanked out sister's paci (much to her dismay). Wonder what other things they will steal from each other 12 years from now? :)
4. We are (gulp) officially sleeping in our big girl cribs! Well, technically big girl crib {we aren't quite ready to separate them yet :) }. The transition went amazingly smoother than I ever could have expected. And a big thanks to everyone who checked in to see how it went! I was pretty nervous it was going to be a huge undertaking with countless trips across the house to soothe/put pacis back in, and the girls would think I had abandoned them forever (yep, I'm dramatic). But it was as though the girls had wanted to be there from the beginning. They love their crib (and I'm sure mostly more room to stretch out)! All four of us are sleeping so much better.
5. We had our 4 month check up today, and it was a little more chaotic than our other visits. Sophie has been a little congested ever since the weather turned nice. I thought it was just seasonal allergies, but yesterday evening she began to run a temperature, just in time for our 4 month visit. She was still smiley, happy Sophie until we got to the doctor, and then she took a turn for the worse. It was concluded she had an ear infection on top of fever and congestion, and the doctor said if her cough worsened over the next several days it could potentially be RSV. He didn't hear any wheezing, which was a good sign, so we are hoping and praying it is just a virus that will run its course. The next day or two will be a big indicator. I'm not even going to go into how much we have done to avoid this particular illness due to the fact that it can be more dangerous for premature babies. And it has been so unbelievably difficult to see her feeling so bad. I will just be saying lots of prayers that she heals quickly and we escape RSV-free.

We just fall more and more in love with these precious angels every day. Here are some pictures (with my new, non-broken camera) from the past month.

Can't you tell they just loooove when I pose them?

We LOVE our Aunt Sara!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sophie chillin' in the rocker


Hanging out with our handsome, younger cousin on V-Day.

Mommy just loved taking us on walks in our jogger stroller in the beautiful weather.

CJ likes to pretend she is a big girl in her boppy.

Sophie LOVES talking to Aunt Sam. They have the best conversations!

And of course also loves talking to Daddy.

This captures their personalities so well. Campbell posing, Sophie looking at me like I'm a crazy person.

Can't wait to see what the next four months hold!



  1. your girls are precious, stephanie! how blessed you are!!! :)

  2. Love these ladies... All three of you. Great pictures.