Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days and Three Months

So I know I have been a huge blogging slacker. With our "big move" and 2 little attention-hungry three and a half month olds (WOW!), I've been busy to say the least. When I'm not feeding/playing with my little munchkins, I'm frantically trying to keep up with a house, and, yes, still unpacking boxes (will this ever end?). Here are a few pics my sister took with her cool camera. And the troubles with my camera are back in that it is officially broken. Kyle has told me I will have a new one by Valentine's. Until then, keep up the good work, Aunt Sara! 

Three months old, and we finally have our own cribs!

Sophie having a big stretch during the snow storm!

Miss Campbell Jane

Have you ever seen four prettier blue eyes?

My little snow bunnies.

My big girls

These girls certainly keep me on my toes. I can only imagine that it will NOT be getting easier! They are starting to smile TONS, which is so much fun. They are happiest in the mornings, which is great because Mommy happens to be happiest in the mornings, too. All 3 of us start to hit an afternoon slump around 3, which is usually when I text Daddy to see when he will be home. I truly, truly don't know what I'd do without him. Our girls just adore him, and always have a smile for him as soon as he gets home. 

Hope everyone had fun and safe snow days. I'll do my best to stay on top of the blog with our busy lives now! :)



  1. Great new pictures!!! Love the new tutu pants.

  2. lovin' those snow bunnies!!!so darling - those hats! and trust me, i know the afternoon slump... i had (have?) it with one, i can't imagine with two!

  3. They are too cute! Reagan gets a phone call...I can usually hold off until 4 :)