Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jazzing up Coffee

So now that we are officially in our house (and once again making a mortgage payment), it has been decided that our single-income-supporting-twins family can no longer afford for me to get my triple grande peppermint mocha 5 days a week. Shux. I have to admit it was a nice little luxury (and might I add, much needed) I had while we were mooching off my parents and living the high life. My Etsy/online shopping addiction has had to tone down, as well. I might still need some form of rehab for the Etsy thing. I think I actually got the shakes the other day resisting the urge to get on and look for some impractical clothing/accessory item for the girls. All of this is to say that I have had to get creative in replacing my coffee habit. After our family superbowl party at our house the other night, my mom left her can of whipped cream in our fridge. I thought to myself, "Hmmmm, Starbucks puts whipped cream on coffee drinks, maybe I can too." So now my morning coffee gets a dollop of deliciousness every morning. Other ideas I plan on trying this week: drizzling chocolate syrup, sprinkling cinnamon on the whip.

I do realize these aren't revolutionary ideas, but just thought I'd share for any other thrifty coffee lovers.

And picture #2 is purely optional.

Happy coffee drinking. :)


  1. Hahahaha! Love the second picture!
    Starbucks sells their syrups, but my new favorite is the vanilla silk 'milk' from the grocery store.

  2. I think you should get a keurig coffee maker. I love, love mine. It can make tons of tasty drinks. And Keri, thanks for the news about Starbucks selling their syrups. I had no idea. In a few days I get to drink regular coffee. I couldn't be more ready. Bring it on!

  3. ha! I love it!! You are too funny & Cute! Miss ya & love ya lots, SKN1!!!