Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Six Months {a little belated}

Well, the time has come. My girls are now closer to being one year old than kicking around in my belly. I'm starting to realize why parents get sad when their babies grow up. If you had told me at 4 weeks old that I would be sad my babies are doing big girl things like sleeping through the night, eating rice cereal, and almost sitting up on their own, I would have said, "Get real! This is what you have been praying for!" But, alas, my heart now races with anxiety that I'm not loving them enough or cherishing every smile and snuggle because I realize on the 22nd of every month that time is ticking, and it's ticking fast. I can say with 100% honesty that I have NO earthly idea how these last 6 months have gone by so fast. Lord, let the next 6 slow down...just a tiny bit. Ok, here are what my precious little dolls have been up to (for those of you who care to still read further) :)

Campbell Jane Nevels
weight: 15 lbs. 4 oz.

Well, apparently miss smiley pants overheard me telling her friends that she was, ahem, a little bit dramatic. The best we can figure is that she started seeing a life coach behind our backs, and now this little ray of sunshine is exactly what you see in this picture...nearly all the time. Not only does she smile at anyone who pays her one second of attention (including creepy strangers at Super Wal-Mart), I can't recall the last time this child woke up between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am. Dream child, I tell you. I started to notice the change about a week before the girls turned 6 months. Sophie got a horrible virus (more on this), and I swear it was like Campell sensed that she needed me more and became the easiest/happiest baby ever. I also credit her awesome Aunt Sam for coming to the rescue that week and taking her out of the house, and giving her tons of love and attention. But whatever the cause, it's been wonderful. Here are some other fun things she is up to:
-Daddy has found her ticklish spots and really knows how to get her cackling
-still loves being read to like crazy (and now tries to reach out from her bumbo and grab whatever book we're reading)
-SO close to sitting up on her own!
-takes rice cereal in her bottle at night now
-screeches and squeels non-stop. Just picture the happiest sound you can imagine a baby making and that's the sound we hear all day.
-enjoys letting sister suck on her fingers
-drools, drools, and drools some more. I keep waiting to feel a little tooth any day now.
-loves being in her bouncer
-prefers playing on her back, but will hang out on her tummy for awhile, too.

All in all, we love this smiley little pumpkin like crazy!

Sophie Kay Nevels
weight: 15 lbs. 7 oz.

My sweet Sophie girl. Again, this picture sums up this little sweetie so perfectly. It's so amazing to me to see everyday how differently and immensly I love these girls. Their personalities could not be more different, and I love each of them in such different but equal ways. When Campbell's face lights up with a smile, my heart sings. When Sophie looks up at me with those eyes and gives me her sweet grin, I melt. So incredible the love I have for them. Ok, back to sweet Soph. Bless her heart. This little girl has had quite the month. Just when we had finished getting over these stinky ear infections, she gets hit HARD with what had to be the worst virus ever. Her fever peaked at around 104 degrees. Not only did it give us a heart attack, we made 3 trips to the pediatrician and 1 trip to the ER in a week (and for the record, we won't be going back there until blood is spewing uncontrollably out of one of them). But, being the brave girl she is, she fought back, and is now doing great. There really is nothing worse or scarier than your baby getting sick. I wish I could say that I handle it with poise and common sense, but when I see that temperature go above 98.6, it might as well be a deadly disease. It's a good thing my husband knows how to stay calm in these situations because I am an absolute crazy town wreck. But all is calm now. At least until the next sickness hits. Here are some things this little cutie is up to:
-Is a little more leary of people than her sister. She has to make for sure you are someone she can trust before she gives you a grin. Oh, and that what you're doing is actually worth smiling at.
-Gets so wide-eyed when you do something that intrigues her.
-like sister, SO close to sitting up!
-could live on her tummy. When I put her on her back, she flips almost immediately over. She is now also officially a tummy sleeper.
-both girls have found their feet, and boy do they loooove grabbing them.
-eats rice cereal with a spoon and LOVES it (to our astonishment)!
-still is very jumpy and hates anything that makes a loud noise (doors, Teddy barking, me talking to loudly, etc.) but laughs like crazy when we play peek-a-boo. Go figure.

Sophie, you're a sweetie. We love you so much!

My big girls! The only thing I know for sure is that I will love you more at 7 months than I do now. You girls change so much everyday, and I see everyday how blessed I am to be your mommy.

Here's a few more pics from April...

jean skirts=my new fave wardrobe item

First trip to the zoo with our friends Brynn, Miley, and Aiden (and their mommies).

Sophie girl hanging out

CJ lovin' those fingers

Helping Mom and Dad plant flowers

Hanging out with our friend, Annie Seat. We also enjoyed meeting our future boyfriends, Graham and Gibson Gotcher's mom. We can't wait to meet those handsome boys!

Hanging out with our Auntie Kim and Auntie Brooke.

Sophie snuggling with Dad while sick. :(

Campbell doing a little light reading.

Til May 22nd...


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