Friday, September 23, 2011

Eleven Months

(yes, this was the best picture I could get of these wiggle worms)

My mind boggles at the fact that we are one month away from 12 months, which equates to, as you know, ONE YEAR! If it's possible, these girls incredibly become more and more fun each month. It's amazing how much they have changed just in the past month. All of a sudden, I now have two hilarious, sassy, little, dare I say, very toddler-like girls (temper tantrums and all). I was telling a friend today that this year, in many ways, has been a blur. I look back at pictures of when we first brought them home, and I instantly remember extreme feelings of anxiety, hormonal craziness, stress, exhaustion, love, but most of all, I have no recollection of taking those pictures. And then I get really sad and weepy because, holy crap, I don't remember the first few precious weeks of my children's lives. But then I remember that most parents probably don't have a lot of long-term recollection of those moments either. So I'm not the only bad mom, right?

I digress, as usual.

So back to the fact that my babies are almost not really babies anymore in less than 31 days. Here are a few fun facts about us these days...

(picture taken at the fair, post-first bite of a cheese fry. She could not hold still long enough for an individual picture at her eleven month photo shoot)

Campbell Jane

-smiling, smiling, and more smiling. You can sneeze, and this girl will smile. She has also developed this hysterical (as I call it) "sympathy laugh." You know that laugh you have when you're pretending something is funny and it's not? Apparently I do that often, because this girl has learned how to do it as well.
-the camera. She still smiles anytime I hold it up to her face. I'm pretty sure she's developed some crazy, Pavlovian response to seeing my camera.
-tapping hard objects (tooth brush, golf club, rubber spatula) on the top of Sophie's head, which Sophie is not a fan of.
-"power crawling" across the house in a matter of seconds.
-chewing on her fingers non-stop because, wait for it, we finally have a tooth coming in!!
-eating anything and everything.
-music! anytime she hears a beat she likes, she bounces and shakes her head like crazy (which makes us laugh like crazy). Between her love of smiling and dancing, watch out Toddlers and Tiaras...
-Talking. Goodness gracious this girl is a chatter box. Her favorite words to say in this specific order: dada (by a landslide), mama, baba (bottle). She says a lot of other words we don't quite understand, as well.

Sophie Kay

One word can describe this girl these days: Sassy pants. I love this little munchkin more than words can say, but most of the time she forgets that she is a twin, and Mommy cannot devote 100% of her time to her very demanding needs. She is really good at letting us know when she is not getting enough attention (cue ear piercing screech). She is also learning the art of slapping my hand away when trying to do things like clean her face off, trim her nails, or feed her something disgusting like broccoli.

-eating nutrigrain bars
-Campbell crawling on top of her and trying to wrestle
-Teddy (this is really more of a love)
-the bath (this is also more of a love for both girls)
-she's also a little chatter box. "Dada" comes in as her number one most said word, as well (pay no attention to that crazy lady that takes care of our every need a good majority of the day).

Both cribs have officially been lowered to the lowest notch due to their extreme love of bouncing up and down while holding onto the rail. Sometimes I even think they have contests to see who can bounce the highest. They are starting to interact more and more. I love watching them chase each other on their hands and knees, wrestling, and giggling at each other. Although they truly are twice the amount of work these days, they are also truly twice the fun! I will say that I am definitely starting to see the wonderful benefit of having a built in playmate, even though some days I feel like a referee!

Here are a few more things we've been up to:

Can't get enough of those booties in bloomers

Bubba and his grandkiddos on his birthday!

Big girl, CJ

Fun at the fair! Yes, I gave both of my girls a few bites of cheese fries. Judge away. They loved it, btw.

Chicken on a stick. Never disappoints!

Craft day with the Coys! (and our special helper, Kim)

Our finished products. Thanks Stephanie Coy (and pinterest) for a fun day!

And I'll leave you with a precious (one day humiliating) picture of the girls with their cuz, Crew bear.

The countdown is on to one whole year! 



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  1. I love them so so so much. And I cannot believe they will be ONE next month. Makes me so sad but so happy. My favorite is the fair pictures. I would judge away if you didn't give them a bite of the cheese fries. Josh and I are SO jealous Kyle found the chicken on a stick. We looked everywhere.