Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Fun

Here are a few pics of how we spent our Labor Day weekend in the glorious weather...

Fun in the backyard

Picnic at Ball Golf (I don't think Sophie was a fan of sitting in the bucket o' balls)

However, Campbell loved it!

Our putters from Bubba

(love how this pic shows off her rolly polly legs)

Bubba and his future golfers.

The itsy bitsy spider...

...went up the water spout (our 2nd favorite song)


my munchkins

Daddy teaching CJ how to putt 
(excuse our hoochy mama daisy dukes-trying to get the last bit of wear out of them before fall)

and Sophie couldn't be left out...

and last but not least, our day after Labor Day trip to the zoo with our best bud, Charlotte!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend in the beautiful weather. :)



  1. Love those daisy dukes, if you got it flaunt it girl! Too cute! Kena

  2. Great pictures. Favorite is the one with their Bubba and with Charlotte of course.