Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life in the Nevels House

I realized it's been awhile since I've talked about what's going on in our house. I used to be so good about monthly updates with the girls, but what can I say? They're busy and I'm pregnant and exhausted most days. The girls are doing/saying tons right now, and like every other age they've been, I can wholeheartedly say this one is by far my favorite (and did I mention most exhausting?). Here's a quick summary of some of my favorite things they're doing and saying right now:

-Both girls refer to the other one as "sister" or some version of that word. They like to point at the other when they say it, and Sophie especially likes saying it as soon as I hoist both girls up out of their cribs in the mornings. It's like she's realized how much she's missed being away from her all night.
-Sophie is my little chatter box. Campbell has lots of words she likes saying, too, but we refer to Sophie as our little parrot, trying to repeat almost everything we say. Some of her (and CJ's) favorite words to say right now are, in no particular order: mama, dada, bubba, gigi, nana, papa, "pammi" (sammi), sawa (sara), Teddy, paci, blankie, monkey, cracker, cookie, milk, "wawa" (water), "nana" (banana), "Owe!" (when they bonk their head on something, which is often), Uh-oh, Whoa!, No (oh how this is fun), dog, "poon" (spoon), duck. They can also tell you what a duck says ("cack cack"), and point to their nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, belly and toes when you ask them. We are starting to think Sophie has a foot fetish as she points out "toes" on everything/person/animal in all the books we read. Hilarious. They've both also started curiously pointing at their female anatomy on the upper half of their bodies lately. Following in the wise words of Dr. Laura Berman (Oprah's resident sex therapist), we have been working on the word for that, too! Kyle was mad at me for teaching it to them, but hey, we gotta learn it someday.
-The girls have also developed a deep, deep love affair for Dora the Explorer. Campbell even has a special dance she does for the "We did it" song they sing at the end.
-Campbell has also recently discovered she knows how to walk backwards which she thinks is hilarious (and so do we).
-Both girls continue to love to tackle and wrestle with each other. They also run to the bathroom when we tell them it's bathtime, think it's hilarious to run away when we mention the words "diaper" or "get dressed", and stand next to their highchairs when they're hungry. It's really starting to feel like a whole new world with these little people who are starting to be able to tell us certain things they want!

Taking a bath and brushing our teeth

Celebrating our favorite triplets' first birthday

Happy Birthday, Coy girls!

My valentines


Campbell Jane

The girls looking like ultimate tom boys with their pals, Annie and Brynn. Their moms and I can't wait for the day these 4 girls get to play on the same basketball team!

CJ's morning hair might be one of my most favorite things ever

Ornery girl, Sophie

Trying out our new swingset! To say the girls are obsessed with their swingset is an understatement. At least once a day they run to the back door and start yelling either "wing" (swing) or "side" (outside). And the word "swing" has officially become the first word Kyle and I have to spell out instead of say out loud unless we are prepared to spend at least 20 minutes in the backyard.

Admittedly, I have been horrible at taking pictures lately. It seems impossible to get them to hold still for a pic, or they insist upon grabbing at my camera and throwing fits when they can't have it. They are officially full fledge toddlers and they give me a run for my money on a daily basis.

Kyle and I are also preparing to leave the girls for the first time (gulp) tomorrow for 2 nights. Vegas baby! Not sure how much fun it's going to be for me being preggo, but I'm determined to make the best of it (shows, shopping, spa day) and try my best to enjoy a much needed vacation before baby number 3 arrives (who knows when the next vacation will be?!). My sweet and brave in-laws have offered to watch the girls both nights. Hoping and praying everything goes smoothly and Kyle and I come home feeling refreshed. :)

xoxo and Happy Leap Day!

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