Thursday, June 7, 2012

Four Years

It's hard to believe that four years ago on this day, I was a giddy bride-to-be, sipping champagne and feeling butterflies in my stomach knowing I was just hours away from becoming Mrs. Nevels. It certainly has gone by pretty fast. I suppose that's what happens when, in that short amount of time, we are about to welcome our third child!
Marriage has been pretty great. Challenging, yes. Something we have to work on constantly, yes. But, it has also been sweet and awesome in ways I never expected. Although theoretically we both set out to have a marriage that gets better with time, it was tough to think that was a realistic goal given all of the marriages that fail. However, if God has blessed us with anything, it's just that: a marriage that, overall, has thrived and just gotten better with time (and, somehow, babies). Having children undoubtedly changes the dynamic of a marriage. We've had to adapt and change and work even harder to keep "us" a priority. And sometimes that word "priority" means that instead of vegging out on the couch after putting the girls to bed, we actually put forth the effort to have a good conversation and cuddle on the couch instead of zoning out on the computer and iPad. But sometimes we do that, too. ;)
Although we are about to be blessed with our third baby, to any couple, this situation would be a great challenge. Challenging as a parent, challenging as an individual, challenging on a marriage. What we are about to endure will test us undoubtedly, but everyday I'm reminded that I really did pick the right guy for this challenge. Kyle is one of the most loving, honest, loyal, positive, and tough men I've ever known. Not only do I trust him with my whole heart, I know he will always be the love of my life and rock for our family. We will always have things that test us and our marriage, but I have yet to see any obstacle that was too great for us to overcome. And for these things, I thank God everyday.

So, here's to four years with one handsome stud muffin. Bring on the next 50!


P.S. In case you're wondering how we celebrated, Kyle picked up Outback on the way home from work which we scarfed down with two cranky toddlers crawling all over us, and we just chowed down Gigi's cupcakes after we put the girls down. To cap the night off, we are about to watch an On Demand movie (that hopefully he will let me pick). Comical, really. ;)


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