Monday, June 4, 2012

Uncharted Territory

Today I am 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant. What's so special about that you ask? It's exactly one day longer than I have ever been pregnant.  At this point with the girls, I had 2 little premature, one day old newborns in the NICU. It's funny how weird I have been about getting past that 35 week mark with this pregnancy. Is that something all moms who have gone through having a preemie experience? I suppose it's a little sigh of relief for me in knowing I am one step closer to a full term pregnancy and getting to experience having a baby that I get to hold immediately, nurse shortly after giving birth, and sleep in the same room as me the first night of his life. These were all things I missed out on with my girls. My next doctor's appointment is this Thursday, and I will be almost 36 weeks. I don't see me going into labor anytime soon, but I do worry that my blood pressure might spike like it did with the girls and cause my doctor to want to deliver. However, I've been very blessed with a boring, uneventful, healthy pregnancy so far. I've done "excellent" with my weight gain according to my doctor (although the number on the scale is still a frightening one for me) and experienced minimal swelling up to this point and can even still wear my ring (something I had to give up around 32 weeks with the girls)! I'll consider those both victories at this point for me. Although I would love to fast forward to July 1st and be done with lower back aches, peeing every 20 minutes, and exhaustion, I can't help but be excited about the prospect of having a "normal" delivery and hospital experience, followed by bringing my sweet baby home with me.

So until the big day, let's hope my crazy monkeys or an exciting Thunder game don't send me into early labor... ;)



  1. I can totally relate! I am so proud of you and hope that baby Burke last until July 1st so you can have your picture perfect situation! :) xoxo meg

  2. I basically threw myself a party when I got past my pre-term labor week... It's a victory, to be sure! Congrats :) And just so you know, having those "typical" newborn experiences is fabulous! And, like me, you'll appreciate it so much more!!