Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Burke's Arrival

Now that Burke is almost 4 weeks old, I thought I'd share some pics form his arrival. Ha! I don't even know where the last 4 weeks have gone, but I do know that my free time these days is pretty much non-existent, as you can imagine. So here are some moments we captured from his grand entrance...

One last belly pic

Dad getting ready to go

Welcome Burke! 7 lbs. 13 oz, 21.5 in. long

Meeting my little man

Nurse Kimak! How many girls are lucky enough to have one of their best friends help deliver her baby? ;)

Getting wheeled out

Me and my son (and me working the hair net...)

Family of 5! Wish we had gotten a better pic of all 5 of us, but we didn't have much time since Burke was taken to the nursery shortly after this.

Girls meeting their brother

In the NICU

Kangaroo time

Going home after 11 days at the hospital

Mommy getting a little too excited about photo shoots...

Can't believe we are finally HOME

Sophie loving her brother like crazy (In case you're wondering, Campbell was throwing a fit and wanted nothing to do with him after we first got home. She is slowly coming around...)

Little angel in his swing

We are all hanging in there in the sleep department. My days are all kinda a blur right now. ;) We also had some newborn/family pics taken that I'll be posting soon!


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