Friday, July 27, 2012

Newborn and Family Pictures

We were lucky enough to have the wonderful Christen Foster come to our home to take some newborn and family pictures for us a few weeks ago. I am so pleased with them! To say it's a miracle we got several good pictures after the insanely chaotic experience that was is an understatement. We had fits galore that morning on top of an anxious and hormonal me that was sweating profusely trying to wrangle all 3 kids together and get them in happy, picture taking mode. At one point, we had Campbell laying face down on the bed screaming, Sophie slapping Burke on the forehead, me trying to make the sweat-matted hair on my forehead look good, and Kyle making fun of me for sweating so much. Why does taking pictures make me a sweaty mess?! After that experience, I'm fairly certain it will be approximately 12 years before we pay for professional pictures again. And thank God for the gummy bears that I was able to use as bribery to get my girls to smile. Nevertheless, Christen was amazing and I will cherish these pictures of this crazy time in our lives forever. ;)

One of my very favorite features of his... ;)

Ornery Sophie

I can't believe these three angels are all mine.

Sweet CJ

Sophie + Burke = BFFs 

I think my jaw hit the floor when I saw this pic. CanNOT believe everyone was looking at the camera and smiling!



  1. Steph!!!! These are soooooooo good!!!!!!! GORGEOUS! Even of Kyle :) I love them!!!!!!!!

  2. Steph, I love all the pictures. They are precious! The family photo is perfect and I especially love the picture of Sophie, Campbell and Burke. I definitely need a copy so I can show off all your precious kiddo's.