Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Mornings

This is what our house typically looks like on a weekend morning...

Naked play time on the sand/water table

Burke sleeping in his car seat. Contrary to what this may imply, we are not actually about to leave the house. The car seat has become Burke's happy place. Forget about all of the other baby paraphernalia we have (swing, pack and play, rock and play, bouncer, nap nanny, crib), just throw the Burkester in his car seat, pull up the white noise app on my phone, and he will be out like a light in seconds. He may or may not have been known to sleep in here at night, as well. Hey, it's all about survival these first few months, right?

Hope you all are getting a tad more sleep on your weekends than we are currently... ;)


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