Friday, December 28, 2012

Burke's Dedication

The weekend before Christmas, we had Burke dedicated at church. It was an extra meaningful day for our family, especially since our hearts were still heavy with grief from the Newtown tragedy. It's hard to believe that last December we were having the girls dedicated, and Burke was just a little bean in my belly. I was just starting to feel better from the first trimester sickness, and this year we have a beautiful baby boy. I never could have imagined how our family would look a year later! I continue to be in awe of what we did to deserve such incredible kids. 
Kyle's parents stayed with us that weekend and were able to attend the service, and my parents and sisters were also there. It meant so much to have so many loved ones there to celebrate our commitment to raise Burke to be a follower of Christ. 

Me and Burke (who couldn't resist grabbing the tree)

Daddy and Burke

Our crazy family

Nana and Papa

He loves the Christmas tree!

Kyle and I loved visiting with Pastor Sonny who prayed over us before the service. 

Big boy!

Kyle took this pic later that evening. I didn't realize how funny this was until Kyle went to get the camera. Pretty much sums up our chaotic life.  

Christmas pics to come soon!


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  1. I likey your shirt!!! Also, the last picture is a hoot.