Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas is officially going to be a blast from here on out! Although this was the girls' third Christmas, I can safely say that this was the first year they really "got" it. By Christmas day, they could tell you about baby Jesus, baby Jesus's mommy (Mary) and daddy (Joseph) and the angel. They became obsessed with the following (in this order): Christmas lights, Frosty the Snowman, Christmas trees, presents, and talking about Santa Clause (they were very unsure what to think about seeing him in the flesh, but not terrified as I had originally predicted) All in all, it was such a fun Christmas season. I can't wait for the fun things we plan on doing next year (Elf on the Shelf, really getting into the whole Jesus' Birthday, etc.). Here are a few (ok, maybe a lot) fun pics from this year:

Sophie so excited about her "iPad" from Nana and Papa

Me and Burkey. His favorite thing about Christmas this year was playing with wrapping paper.

Papa and Burkey playing with one of his gifts, a mini back hoe.

It's not a trip to Taloga unless we go see all of Papa's horses.

Christmas Eve at my parents. Love these 3 turkeys.

Burkey the Elf. Thanks Aunt Sam for his festive get-up.

My dad bought some hideous colorful yellow crocs this summer, mostly to irritate my mom. He decided to get all of his grandkids (Burke included) some matching ones for this summer. Oh joy. On a more important note, how cute do they all look in their matching jammies?

I can't stop laughing at this pic of C-dog.

Christmas joy

Putting out, er, peanut butter crackers for Santa. While I did manage to remember to get a cute plate with all of our children's names on it, I may or may not have forgotten cookies. I planned on grabbing some from my parents' house that night, but forgot. I wonder if the girls will remember this next year and tell their friends that Santa eats crackers and milk when he comes to your house?

My three little elves. :)

Sorry Santa.

A few gifts from the big man.

Yay for a Dora four wheeler!

Campbell can't contain her excitement.

Burke with one of his gifts from Santa and his stocking which was as big as he is. Makes my heart sad to think next Christmas he will be 18 months old. :(

The girls in their chairs from Nana and Papa. We for sure don't have room in our living room for these, but the girls love them!

Watching it snow on Christmas morning. I'll never forget this moment of my PJ clad little two year olds on Christmas morning. 

Sophie loves Christmas!

Campbell was less than enthusiastic about taking pictures...

We didn't make it to the mall this year to meet Santa, so it was a good thing Bubba he decided to make an appearance at my parents' house the day after Christmas! Campbell was a little unsure what to think. Sophie was unsure at first, but then wanted him to give her Minnie Mouse a kiss. Both girls hugged and kissed him afterwards. Perhaps because their was something familiar about this Santa? ;) 

Aunt Sammi and the kiddos

And a snapped a quick pic of Burkey with cousin Jill

So many fun memories from this year. I'm sure I'm not the first parent to realize how much more fun Christmas is with young children. :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas, as well! 


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