Saturday, December 1, 2012

Burke {5} Months

Happy December! Burke thought he'd kick off his five month birthday and the month of Christmas with smiles galore today. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. This kid is the happiest, sweetest little ball of chub. He's definitely at an age where he is learning/discovering something new everyday. He's rolled from his tummy to back and back to tummy exactly one time each. It's like he had to prove to us he could do it, but now he's perfectly content just chillin' on his playmat. He adores his jumperoo and just smiles and bounces like crazy when he's in it. Although this past week he fought his first cough/cold and double ear infection :(, he was still the happiest sick kid I've ever seen. His sisters should take notes on that, drama queens. 
Here's a few things we've been up to this past month...

Could he smile any bigger? 

Looking dapper in his sweater.

I could kiss these lips all day.
Sophie teaching him about tractors.


My little lamb after bathtime

Tummy time

The girls current favorite thing to do to Burke is rub the top of his head really fast with both hands. I think maybe they're practicing giving noogies?

Delcious hands

Our attempt at a family picture in Taloga for Thanksgiving

Riding Pookie Bob

Campbell and Daddy

Cousin Koleman thought it would be funny to put his hunting vest on Burke. 

Burke giggled for the first time when he was playing with Papa! It was hysterically cute, but of course he decided to stop once I pulled out the video. I still got a few cute pics, though. 

These girls would be naked from sunrise to sundown if I let them. 

My sweet CJ with the carpet burn on her nose that won't go away. 
She's still as cute as a button, in my opinion. 

This morning Burke found his feet for the first time while in his swing!

I have yet to fully complete his room to my liking and will be ordering some shelves and a piece of art that I finally decided on soon. I do, however, really love the little gallery wall above his crib. If you remember the girls' room, you know I love sentimental kids' rooms. I adore the faux deer head from Z Gallerie, found the Major League poster on Etsy (his dad's all-time favorite movies), the top picture is from Kyle's grandma and is a photo of downtown Taloga (Kyle's hometown) from the early 1900's. I just really liked the little fox picture from Etsy, and see below for the history of the bottom picture. 

This is a replica of my Mema's, and is a picture of my grandpa and Mickey Mantle with their highschool baseball team. He and my grandpa were really good friends for most of their lives. I'm fairly certain Kyle will let Burke know someday how cool this is. 

As a joke, they both wore their glove on the wrong hand for the picture. 

And this is a picture from my Dad's baby book. In the middle is my grandpa (so handsome!) and my dad. To the left, is Mickey's wife and their son, Mickey Jr who is a few months older than my dad. And Mickey is to the right. I had a copy made for Burke's bulletin board. 

That's a lot to cram in one post, but there you have it! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is as excited about Christmas as we are at the Nevels house! 

P.S. For a fun comparison, the girls at 5 months. ;)

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