Friday, February 22, 2013

Activities for Two Year Olds: Day Three

Ok, so I don't have stairs in my house, but how freaking fun does this look?! I would totally do this with the girls if I had access to a gigantor box and stairs! 

This is a really cool blog with a lot of messy and not-so-messy activities. The one that caught my eye, as usual, was the one that involved the least amount of effort on my part to assemble. We have a TON of those magnetic letters/numbers that sit, untouched, on the magnetic dry erase board part of the girls' easel. I may have to grab a big bag of rice/beans (rice krispies pictured above) to throw them in and let the girls dig away for letters. I will for sure be waiting for a nicer day that we can go outside for a bit to do this. I've tried activities indoors like this before that resulted in me busting out the vacuum and yelling at the girls for making a huge mess. Which is totally the point of doing fun things with your kids, right?

Go HERE for more fun ideas.

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