Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Name Trick

So today I stumbled upon a GENIUS tactic for remembering someone's name.

I am awful with names. In fact, I don't think I have ever met anyone who could say that they were awesome at remembering people's names. A face I would not forget, but name? It might take 3 run-ins with you before I remember it for good. It's not that I don't care, but I've been caught in more than one scenario where I feel like a total jerk because this is the third time I've talked to someone and I can'

Today the Katie (as in Couric) show did a whole show on alzheimer's disease. Given that my great grandmother died from it, and my grandmother suffered from dementia for years before she passed away, I'm always intrigued to hear more about this terrible disease. The psychology major in me is also continually fascinated by how our crazy brains work. Oh, and my dear, sweet husband has alluded to the fact that my repeated forgetting of people's names might be an indicator of early onset. Whatever.

So here's the trick.

When you meet someone, look for the most noticeable feature on their face/head. One that you notice first. Let's use my handsome little boy for an example.

So for this sweet little pumpkin, we'll choose his luscious lips since everyone seems to notice his kisser before anything else. 

Next, you think of an association for their name. Most likely a celebrity or maybe a family member or close friend with the same name. This is not where we came up with his name, but a few weeks after we had decided on it, Kyle mentioned Brooke Burke while talking about our soon-to-be son (shocking he would think to make this particular celebrity connection). 

I mean she's OK looking, I guess. 

So the next step is to mentally place this familiar connection on whatever facial feature you noticed first. So if I had fancy photo editing software, I would place a miniature Brooke Burke on my little sweetie pie's lips. 

And complete Burke's future adolescent fantasy. Wait, eeew no. Must never visualize my precious, innocent boy as a yucky teenager who wants to kiss girls. 

I'm excited to try this trick the next time I meet someone new. My only hesitation is that I will totally weird out my new acquaintance while intensely staring them down to find a noticeable feature and think of a celebrity connection. On the other hand, it might also ensure that I make good eye contact and seem genuinely interested to meet them, which of course I am.

Even if I don't remember their name the next 3 times I see them. ;)


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