Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

What a month December was around here! We had a wonderful Christmas in the Nevels house this year with our three monkeys. I remember Christmas being fun last year, but this year it was brought to a whole new level. We traveled less than we usually do around Christmas Eve/Day, and it made things so much more relaxing and enjoyable. Here are a few highlights (read: boatload of pictures) from our celebrations.

Christmas Eve we headed to my parents for our immediate family Christmas.

I could eat this Christmas baby boy up.

Sara and I both have the Elf on the Shelf (Mike and Sparkle, respectively). My dad thought it would be funny if they both showed up at their house on Christmas Eve. So we put them both on the diving board where they could see them from the living room. All of the grandkids thought it was the greatest and kept checking all night to make sure they were still there! 

The girls and Bubba

Sophie wearing her Thomas fleece poncho from her Aunt Sara. Yes, that's right, I said Thomas fleece poncho. That she now insists on wearing over every.single.outfit. Payback is coming, Sister.

Campbell playing with her beloved princess wand.

Christmas goodies for Santa and presents!

Christmas morning fun with these two

Burke on his Y-bike. He has a serious love of pushing/riding anything with wheels right now, so this has been a big hit.

I've never used the self-timer on our camera, so I thought Christmas morning would be a good time to try it. This pic now cracks me up. The kids were so confused with what was happening!  

My twin cousins, Patric and Hayden (who also incidentally look nothing alike!) with the girls. 

My dad has continued the tradition that my Papa started of dressing up as Santa every Christmas. 
Can you tell Sophie sticks out her tongue when she gets nervous? ;)

Campbell giving Santa a cautious hug.

All the cousins. Poor Burke. He actually started running a fever during this particular celebration. 
Not a happy camper. 

Still not quite old enough to get into opening gifts, but fun nonetheless.

Burke visiting his favorite friends, Papa's ponies. It's so much fun watching him grow into a little boy. This kid can't get enough of horses, doggies, trucks, and being rowdy in the great outdoors.

Little boy, big country.

Little man checking out the loot.

When I first took this picture, I almost deleted it because of the blur. However, after looking at it more closely, I really fell in love with it. All the rush and madness of opening gifts, but the light and happiness in her face really is what Christmas is all about. 

Burke was in tractor heaven at Papa and Nana's. He even added "tra-tra" (tractor) to his vocabulary after this Christmas celebration.

Campbell's favorite gift from Kyle's parents most definitely had to be her new pair of boots. She wore them around all night and kept calling herself Cowgirl Campbell. :)

Our little cowgirls getting ready to go feed the cows with Papa and Daddy. They also made their first trip to the co-op to visit with all of the local farmers. They were a big hit, as you can imagine. 

Burke stayed behind with me and Nana to spend some quality time with his tractors and trucks.

After every Christmas, although it's exhausting, my heart is beyond full. On our way back from Taloga, I asked Kyle if he ever felt like our life was sometimes too good to be true. We and our families are far from perfect, but at the end of the day we have so many people that love us, three healthy, incredible children, and so much to look forward to every year. 

I'm so excited to experience all the fun and love 2014 brings!  


P.S. Christmas 2012. It goes by too fast.

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