Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Cheer

With the girls' first Christmas right around the corner (and fingers crossed, our first Christmas in our new house!), I am getting excited about a few things. First, finding their "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments. Here are a few I'm considering on Etsy...

( front runner )

This one would show our whole little family. :)

And if course...stockings! I ordered one of these a few years ago for Teddy. Even though Kyle and I had some darling stockings we received as a wedding gift (thanks Lauren!), I've decided to go ahead and order all five of us matching ones from PB. I will have to find an extra special place to hang our old ones since they are one of the things I love most out of all of our Christmas decorations.

And, yes, I did get "Mom" and "Dad" on mine and Kyle's... ;)

A post is yet to come on S & C's Christmas attire...

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