Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

I'm feeling this will be a fitting piece of art for the new house and our new life with our munchkins. I'm currently contemplating between several varieties/colors of this print on etsy.

I'm thinking this should probably be mounted somewhere where I can see it at 3:00 am when I wake up to two hungry girls. Or, keep repeating the new phrase my husband came up with: "One nap and one feeding at a time" This has gotten me through more than one late night half-awake feeding, along with many prayers and hours of babies sleeping on Kyle's chest. Have I mentioned that I don't know what I would do without him?

Perhaps this might be more realistic?

Here's hoping I can keep calm and carry on through these first few tiresome months... ;)



  1. i really do enjoy reading your blog, and i hope to one day have a family as cute as yours. you really do inspire people through your words, and i only pray that i can feel as much love with precious little bitties one day! i love this website, house of hargrove (http://www.houseofhargrove.com/), and it has that saying on some pillows. just wanted to share.

  2. Hi Bailey-
    Thanks so much for posting about House of Hargrove. So glad you love it!! We are having our Barn Sale this Sat Nov 20 from 9-1. Details on our website. Hope you can make it!