Thursday, December 9, 2010

House Update

We are nearing the end! As the days get colder, our house nears its completion. I have been bad about taking pictures throughout the process, but I was able to capture a few (bad quality) pictures today of the inside. I know several of you make "drive by's" to see the outside, but you probably have no idea what the inside looks like!
The front. Pretty much complete minus landscaping and lighting.

Our kitchen! I'm dying in anticipation of getting to cook in this wonderful kitchen everyday. The island in the middle will also have a butcher block top that I can't wait to see. Our cabinets will be an ivory color (like my sister's for those of you who have seen hers), and we have dark brown stained concrete throughout most of the house minus the bedrooms.

Another view of the kitchen standing in the living room. Our breakfast bar is directly in front of me.

A view of our kitchen from the hallway.

Aaah storage! We have TONS of it throughout the house. Which is great because we will have plenty of diapers, etc. to store!

And....our mud bench! My sister has one in her house, and I am equally as excited about mine. Perfect place to store my diaper bag, purse, coats, keys, and other items we use everyday. One major must-have I decided early on was that we have an awesome laundry room. And awesome it is! In addition to the mud bench, we have a folding area, and it also leads into our very large master closet. Woop woop! 

I can't wait to put pictures up of our completed home! As of right now, we are planning on moving in the first or second week of January. Although it may be finished before then, we recently found out that we will save a heap of money on our mortgage by waiting until after the first of the year to close. So, we are sucking it up and waiting. As my little angels grow and grow, I become so much more eager for our little family to have our own home. I can't wait for all of the fun memories we will make in this place. :)

And I promise to do a much delayed post soon of all of my favorite pictures so far of my sweet babes.


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  1. It is looking wonderful. I am so happy for you guys.