Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Duds

So being S & C's first Christmas, I am getting way too excited about their Christmas attire. I already have one outfit I bought before they were born from Baby Gap. It's not super "Christmas-y" but I'm in love with it and they need a good occasion to wear it before they grow out of it. And since they are growing at the speed of light, we gotta be quick! Here are a few others I'm considering...

I'm loving this onesie I found on (you guessed it) etsy. I think the lady is going to make me one that says Joy (above) and one that says Peace. I think I will pair it with their black skinny jeans, little Uggs, and...

these! Just got them in the mail the other day. I think I'll have one wear pink and the other wear red.

And my dear friend, Katie, just showed me these darling headbands on etsy for $6. I got them in black, grey and white.

My sisters also got the girls these precious Christmas-colored leg warmers. I'm sure I'll have to work them into this outfit somehow. :)

And oh how I love this.

And this.

So many outfits and a limited budget.

Can't wait to put pictures up of their first Christmas!


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  1. Oh sooo cute!!! I want to play dress up with S&C!! I think one day we'll have to pass down the pink fancy feather boa to the girl's!! ; )