Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly Menu

So whenever I started telling my family and close friends that I was having twins, many of the responses I received were along the lines of telling me how perfectly suited my type A personality is for twins. Given twins require rather strict schedules and organization, I suppose my anal, sometimes militant-like control freakishness was suited for the job. And, I must agree it has come in handy with my girls (I dare you to try and throw off their schedule).

One thing many a friend always noticed in my kitchen was the Nevels' weekly menu promptly displayed on a dry erase board on our fridge. Some laughed at it, others admired it. I swore by it. Back before Kyle and I relied upon my mom for our dinners, I cooked dinner and actually bought groceries at the grocery store (oh how I am not looking forward to this impending task again). I anticipate I will continue my weekly ritual once we have our own home again soon.

What I never understood is how people did not have a weekly menu. Every Sunday, I would sit down and flip through my favorite recipes and cookbooks and come up with meals for the week, and thus, my grocery list. It was a good chance for me to also check in with what Kyle's evening plans were for the week (work functions, basketball games, etc. instead of getting the 4:00 text: "Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have a basketball game tonight.") Grrrr. Once I figured out how many dinners I needed to make, it ensured a quick and easy trip to the store and less wasted food by the end of the week. My grocery bill was also almost always the same amount which made budgeting for the month much easier. I did this mostly because the last thing I wanted to do after a long day at school was stand in line at the grocery store with all of the other wives that had just gotten off work. There are also few things I love more than a well-stocked pantry.

In lieu of our old dry erase board (who knows if it will survive the move), I'm considering getting one of these cool vinyl chalkboards to put on our fridge.

It will also cover a rather large dent in one of our refrigerator doors my husband incurred during the move. I also tried the whole "Isn't it time for a new fridge anyways?" thing with no luck.

So I get my weekly menu minus an ugly dent. Win-win right?

Happy menu planning. ;)


  1. I plan out our meals too!! Yay for us!

  2. Where did you find the first notebook paper? I think I might give it a try. Keyword is "try". I have to work on this stay at home stuff.