Thursday, November 3, 2011

The 8

Our little CJ has her blankie on her head, and our sweet Sophie has...the 8. It's become quite the joke around our house, but Sophie has an inseparable bond with the purple, rubber bath toy #8. Not the 9, or the B, or J or any other letter or number. Just the 8. She will choose it out of any other toy nearly 9 times out of 10 while in the bath, and has even been known to crawl into the bathroom in the middle of the day to search for her beloved 8. While it baffles and cracks Kyle and I up, we have speculated all sorts of reasons as to why she is SO biased towards this one specific number/letter. A special meaning in a past life? Trying to tell us early on what number she prefers to have on her volleyball jersey? How many brothers and sisters she wants (yikes!)? Early child genius that shows an affinity for math? Whatever the cause of her special love for this number, it keeps us all incredibly entertained and wondering why on earth she has chosen this specific digit as the object of her obsession.

Oh how I love my little, feisty red head. :)


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