Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We Have a Walker...

That's right, my oldest daughter who has led the way in all other developmental milestones (rolling over, crawling, getting a tooth), is now our first official walker! I think it's funny/ironic/cute that she's done everything first given she is technically the first born. While I think we are a few weeks away from walking being her main mode of transportation, I have to admire her for constantly getting up on her feet and practicing. Sophie is taking a few steps of her own here and there, but still gaining the bravery to take more than a few. She's a pro at holding your fingers and walking all around the house, though! Lord, am I ready to have two walkers? Ready or not, here it comes. :)



  1. I think her outfit makes the video that much cuter. Adorable.

  2. YEAH, Campbell!! Way to go! I can't believe the girl's are starting to walk! Next, we'll have to show them how to play dress up! ; ) Love you all and miss you dearly!