Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bacon and Eggs

Well, our Halloween this year was quite a bit different than Halloween last year. While I've always been a big fan of this holiday, it will now always have a new meaning to me in that it was the day we officially brought our sweet girls home from the hospital after 8 days of them being in the NICU. As you can imagine, I was less concerned about costumes and trick or treaters last year and more concerned with our teeny, tiny babies. But not this year! We had a crazy two weeks of birthday celebrations and Halloween, and this was just a small preview of what a fun time of year this will always be for us. Since my girls loathe things being attached to their heads, that pretty much ruled out about 90% of costumes (I'm hoping this might somehow change next year). I also felt a strong need to take advantage of twins and have them be something "Twinsy." I have a feeling I will continue to do this until the girls object. So, I thought I'd get crafty and do something my mom never did for us: make their costumes. Before you go thinking I'm Martha Stewart, their costumes cost about $10 and required scissors and fabric glue to make. I did sew on the egg yolk by hand after stuffing a kleenex in the middle to make it "poofy" (ok, maybe I felt slighty Martha Stewart-ish). I was a little afraid they might end up looking like the kids whose parents couldn't afford real costumes, but I think they ended up looking pretty darn cute. And hopefully someday they will look back at these pictures, roll their eyes, and say "Gah, mom, I can't believe you dressed us up as bacon and eggs. How dorky." But by then they will have probably realized their mom is a huge fan of all things dorky. :)

Fun Halloween play group with our friends!

We love Halloween!

Oh, I see Mom put a stupid bow on your head, too.

Doing a little trick or treating around the neighborhood

First birthday cake, now candy. Yessss!

Look, mom! Someone gave us unsanitary cheese puffs in a sack!

Daddy and his breakfast. 

Mommy and her breakfast. 

All this candy for us?!

My little skellies 

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! 


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