Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Photos

We had quite the ordeal trying to get the girls' one year/fall family photos taken this year (yes, we combined the two photo shoots!). We had originally signed up with a wonderfully talented local photographer (Holli B. Photography), but due to weather delays and me reeeeeaaaally wanting pretty outdoor photos for the girls' one year portraits and family pics, we were forced to give up our slot after re-scheduling twice with Holli. She was so booked, she wouldn't have been able to squeeze us in until December. :( In case you didn't know, this time of year is easily one of the busiest for most photographers (I guess we aren't the only ones who like pretty fall leaves), so we were left with very limited options. Fortunately my sister has a fancy photographer camera and is a great photographer (and did I mention, free?) I had her take a few maternity pics for me while pregnant, and since she did a great job with that, I entrusted her to do a great job with our family pics. And she did indeed! Although Sophie refused a nap at all that day, leading me to believe she would hate life during our photo shoot, both girls did pretty well! We were able to get a few good family shots and lots of cute ones of the girls. Happy fall!

Daddy and his girls

Adore this one of sweet Campbell

Maybe my favorite of both girls :)

Mommy and Sophie

My favorite Campbell face

Let's be serious. The girls ripped off their bows no less than 15 times. But their dresses were too pretty not to have an accessory!

Love this girl


Leaves are fun

Big girls

Sweet Sophie girl

Campbell Jane

Sophie Kay

Thanks again, Aunt Sara, for saving the day and capturing your sweet nieces so perfectly! :)


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