Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Adios, Mullet

My sweet Sophie has undoubtedly been blessed with a thick, curly head of fiery red hair. It's one of my favorite things about her, and it fits her ornery, explosive personality to a T. Ever since her hair started coming in thicker, the back has grown at a much faster pace than the front, leaving her with a party in the back and business in the front. Not the best look for a little lady. I have tried again and again to put them in pigtails or a pony tail, and the times I distracted her long enough to do it, it was darling. However, I only have so much energy and patience these days, so I concluded the best option was to trim it until I can more effectively bribe her to let me do what I want with her hair. :) I had heard that haircut places charge a ridiculous amount for kid cuts, so fortunately the sweet lady that has done my mom's hair (out of her home) for years said she would do it. She loved getting her hair cut about as much as she loves getting shots at the doctor, so needless to say I was sweating profusely after standing and holding her while she screamed her head off. Sweet Diane was so patient and did a great job trimming it. It still has the thickness and curl that I love about her hair, but without the Joe Dirt-ness. She even trimmed a few layers in the back so it would grow in more evenly. 

So while it was a bit traumatic, I'll call her first big girl hair cut a success. I wish I had taken a before so you could really appreciate how much better it looks, but this is all I could get.  

My mullet-free little beauty :)


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