Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Fun and Decorations

We were a few weeks late this year, but our fall decor is finally up! And my love of pumpkins is still just as fervent as ever. Our sweet next door neighbors just had a baby, and she is a lover all of things pumpkin (and pumpkin flavored), as well. In an effort to be neighborly, I'll be bringing over some pumpkin cupcakes tomorrow evening and keeping half for me. I'm also debating on whether or not to serve the girls some pumpkin cupcakes for their birthday, which is one week from today. I'm thrilled, devastated, and shocked all at once that I will have two two year olds. Oh, and perhaps I should add terrified? Terrible twos times two? And why did I choose to skip the big birthday blowout the only year I could have a ball with the "two" theme? Sorry, girls. But I already have big plans for your third! 
We will be having a fun little Halloween party with our friends at the pumpkin patch next weekend which will make for some adorable pics, but here's a few of our fall fun pics for now...

Mums and pumpkins. Why can't we leave these out year round?!

My little picassos' masterpieces on the front porch (and right outside their playroom window; they love to admire their work from inside)

We are out on the front porch nearly every evening. I wish this weather would stay forever.

Fall front porch. We have since added 3 hay bales to the left of the front door. Makes for a darling fall photo if you're looking for a good backdrop. :)

Fall mantle. Subway art found HERE.

If you promise not to judge, I'll tell you how many times I've bought candy corn this year. It's more than 3 and less than 6....

The girls love these (in spite of how scary I realized they really were after buying them at the dollar tree).

Everyone pulls their weight around here in the diaper changing department.

Kyle loves taking the girls for bike rides and trips to the duck pond. This happens about 4-5 evenings a week. Just wish there was a place for Burke to tag along!

Sisterly love

Before pumpkin painting fun with Charlotte and the Coy triplets

Swinging away in the beautiful weather

Can't wait to share pics of my little pumpkins in their Halloween get-ups and birthday fun!


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  1. can't believe they r 2!!!! whoo hooo!!! Happy 2 from Annie!!!