Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sophie and Campbell's Birthday Weekend: Part TWO

 I now officially have two, two year olds. Wow. It's hard to believe that at this time two years ago, I had just delivered the two most beautiful little miracles I had ever seen. In some ways that feels like two months ago, and other ways it feels like ten years ago. It's so hard to remember what life was like before I became a mom. Or really, what my heart felt like before it was so full. I know every mom thinks it, but I couldn't have asked for two more amazing little girls to be my daughters. This weekend was exhausting but so full of fun and love for these two. Saturday night we took all three kiddos to Toys R Us to let the girls pick out a toy. The girls were in absolute heaven, and wanted everything they saw that was related to Dora, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, and cars (any type of rolling vehicle/tractor is Sophie's current obsession, along with shoes). Yesterday was their official birthday party, which we celebrated with our immediate families. Last year was such a blast, but I'm glad we stuck to a more laid back one this year. The girls loved seeing so much of all of their favorite people.

Me and my girls (and thanks Nana and Papa for the tricycles)

My Uncle and cousins were passing through Edmond on their way back home to Kansas, and wanted to stop by for a visit. These are my twin cousins, Hayden and Patric posing with the girls! As you can tell, they look nothing alike, too. ;)

The cupcake cake. It was supposed to say "Happy Birthday S & C". Thanks Target :/

My niece, Montana, jumping in the bounce house with the girls.

Family birthday pic. Can you tell we were all playing hard outside? 

The birthday girls! They tried so hard to blow out the candles, but C-dog and Crew ended up having to help... 

The girls with their cousins

We love Aunt Sara!

Frosting Mommy's nose

Best friends

Blowing out candles. How happy does Sophie look? :) And yes, Campbell's hair almost caught fire at the end of the song. Oops!

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. And to think last year on their birthday, I was approximately 1 week pregnant with Burke! I think I would have passed out if you had told me on this day last year that I'd have an almost 4 month old at their 2nd birthday. ;)

Happy Birthday, my big two year olds! Can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.


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  1. You got some really great pictures and the cupcake cake is too cute.