Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sophie and Campbell's Birthday Weekend: Part One

This morning we had an adventure to the Orr Family Farm in Moore for the beginning of Sophie and Campbell's Birthday Weekend. Kyle and I agreed it was about 66% a success. Campbell enjoyed nearly all of the activities to do there, Burke slept the whole time, and Sophie pretty much thought everything there was awful except for the slide on the playground, and proceeded to scream "Noooooooo!" whenever I would attempt to take her to do something like the carousel or pony rides. She's cutting 4 teeth right now, so I'm praying this insane amount of attitude the past few days is due to that, and not some new found sense of independence. Praying.
Here's a few pics from our mostly fun morning...

Checking out all the pumpkins

Not so sure about the carousel

Still assessing the carousel

After an embarrassing scene, Sophie decided against riding the ponies and Campbell would only ride on the bench with me, but thought that was super fun. 

Slides are always a hit with these two

Hi Pony

Very fascinated with the real ponies

Yet again, Sophie wanted no part of ponies, but Campbell was chomping at the bit (get it?) to get on a real pony. I guess the fake ones weren't exciting enough for her? She actually cried when it was over! She kept saying "Yeehaw!" and petting it. So sweet. 

Nice Pony.

My little cowgirl. Notice Sophie in the background acting crazy?

Before getting out of the car, I told Kyle I just wanted one cute picture of me with the girls since I never get to be in pictures. I had very small hope we might get a decent one. Good thing I had small hope, because it was another epic fail.

Here, Sophie, I'll let you pour this water bottle all over you if you come pretend you love me and smile at Daddy...

No thanks, Mom, but I'll sit on the concrete...

Campbell, the favorite child for today...

Stay tuned for more birthday weekend fun!!


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  1. Hey, I'll take 66%. Is Charlotte old enough for that place? Also, I love the cardigans. Perfect colors for each girl.